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At SUMU Tokyo ramen restaurant, we make our own ramen noodle daily, our ramen noodle is fresher and of superior quality. freshly make ramen noodle is well- textured and far more delectable than any of the processed ramen noodles available in markets. Our customers can experience the freshness and superb quality of our home-made ramen noodles. 

Ramen soup base

We select fresh and high-quality ingredients to make our own ramen broth daily.We offer several types of broth base including chicken, pork, and vegetable.Our pork and chicken broths simmer for 8-19 hours to develop rich and complex flavors.

Mazemen (まぜ麺)

Mazemen is a popular variety of ramen that serves without the broth. Maze means “to mix” and men means “noodle” in Japanese. 

Sushi (寿司)

Over 20 years of experience making sushi our chefs have mastered the pairing of simple but complex flavors to create some of the most tasty and innovative styles of sushi. We are confident that we have created a menu that will satisfy sushi connoisseurs and novices alike.


SUMU Ramen, Mazemen, Sushi, and Rice bowls

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